Pork Rack
$19.89 per kg
Pork Rib Eye
$49.29 per kg
Pork Sausages
$15.69 per kg
Pork Schnitzel
$20.94 per kg
Pork Scotch Fillet Roast
$19.89 per kg
Pork Shoulder Roast
$11.49 per kg
Pork Spare Ribs
$19.89 per kg
Pork Steak
$18.88 per kg
Porterhouse Steak
$35.65 per kg
Porterhouse Steak Thick Cut
$37.74 per kg
Premium Eye Fillet Steak
$60.84 per kg
Premium Grade Beef Mince - preservative free
was $17.79 $14.95 per kg
Premium Rump Steak
$27.24 per kg
Premium Wagyu Roast Beef
$27.24 per kg
Premium Wagyu Rump Steak
$44.04 per kg
Rack Of Lamb Heart Smart
$49.29 per kg
Ready Chef Homestyle Lasagne 2kg
$16.95 each $0.85 per 100g
Regular Hamburger Beef Mince - preservative free
$16.26 per kg
Rib Eye Steak Thick Cut
$39.84 per kg
Rib Eye Steaks On The Bone
$39.84 per kg
Roast Topside
$18.84 per kg
Rolled Leg Of Pork
$14.68 per kg
Rolled Leg Of Pork Butchers Own
$15.69 per kg
Rolled Pork Shoulder Butchers Own
$15.69 per kg
Rolled Roast Beef Traditional
$17.79 per kg
Round Steak
$19.89 per kg
Sausage Mince - contains preservatives
$12.54 per kg
Sausages Pork Country Style 500gm
$9.45 each $18.90 per kg
Scotch Fillet
$40.89 per kg
Skinless Diced Chicken Breast
$16.74 per kg
Skirt Steak kg
$19.89 per kg
Slape Burger Aus Beef 800gm
$12.58 each $15.73 per kg
Slape Gourmet Sausages
$8.70 each
Slape Sausages BBQ 1.​5kg
$11.65 each $7.77 per kg
Slapes Sausage Greek Rosemary&​Garlic 480gm
$8.70 each $18.12 per kg
Soup Bones Chicken Necks
$5.19 per kg
Stewing Chuck Steak
$19.89 per kg
T/​Bone Steak
$31.48 per kg
The Gourmet Sausage Co Sausages 500gm
$10.48 each
The Gourmet Sausage Co. Chicken Sage And Onion Sausages 500gm
$9.45 each $18.90 per kg
Thick Sausages Kgs
was $14.64 $12.95 per kg
Topside Steak
$19.89 per kg
Trad Pot Roast Beef Brisket
$17.79 per kg
Trim Lamb Mini Roast
$30.39 per kg
Trim Lamb Round Bone Chops
was $17.79 $15.45 per kg
Veal Schnitzel
$27.24 per kg
Whole Fresh Chicken
$7.86 per kg
Wurstel Cheese Kransky 300g
$5.23 each $17.43 per kg
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