Terms & Conditions

Store terms and conditions.....

1. If you are getting this delivered outside of Mansfield town limits, there is an additional $5.50 delivery charge per box (click on "About") - $6.60 for Mt Buller Customers

2. Delivery locations and timetables are located in the About tab, then click on Delivery & Pickup Timetable

3. The following picking fees apply:
           Monday - Friday = $5

           Saturday = $10.00
           Sunday = $20.00
           Public Holidays = $30.00

4.  If you are wanting an order for outside of our delivery zones, then we are happy to use Australia Post (provided the items are not perishible or flammable).  Postage is an ADDITIONAL cost to the picking fee.
                       - If products fit into a 1kg bag and weigh less than 1kg, postage cost = $14
                       - If products fit into a 3kg bag and weigh less than 3kg, postage cost = $17
                       - If products fit into a 5kg bag and weigh less than 5kg, postage cost = $20

                       - Or any combination of those above
5. Missing Items and Returns:
5 (a) Missing Items: If there are items missing from your delivery or collection, then you should check the receipt that we provided to you to determine if the missing Product is marked as out of stock. If so, then you have not been charged for them.  If you have been charged for the items, please contact us and we will take steps to verify and confirm any such missing items. Once we are reasonably satisfied that the item was not delivered to you, then we will (at your option): (i) provide you with a credit to your on-line account within 3-5 business days for the Products that were charged but not delivered to you; or (ii) arrange for a re-delivery of the missing item at an agreed time.

5 (b) Returns:  If you wish to return a Product that was provided to you under these Terms and Conditions, because it is defective, then you may:
(a) return that Product to our supermarket; or
(b) contact us by telephone within 24 hours of the delivery time to make arrangements to return that Product. In this instance, you may return the Product to us at the time we deliver your next order. Upon confirmation from the driver that the good/s have been received we will refund your on-line account within 3-5 business days.  You must provide us with the Tax Invoice we issued to you for your order to make a claim under this clause.  If you fail to do so, then we may reject or deny your claim.

There is a $5.50 (per box delivery) if you live outside town limits (click on "About")
                   - $6.60 per box for Mt Buller Customers
Attention Customers!!!  COVID-19 - Deliveries

From 25/3/2020

  • We will ring you just prior to drop off (We will message if you do not answer)
  • We will leave your delivery on your front verandah/doorstep (or elsewhere if you have noted this when placing your order)
  • The goods are then your responsibility.
  • We cannot guarantee that it will be delivered in the specified times
  • There may be numerous shortages
We are doing our best to meet all our customers needs.

Steve and Greg Marks

Attention Customers!!!  COVID-19 - Deliveries