Terms & Conditions

Store terms and conditions.....

1. If you are getting this delivered outside of Mansfield town limits, there is an additional $6.60 delivery charge per box (click on "About")

2. Delivery locations and timetables are located in the About tab, then click on Delivery & Pickup Timetable

3. The following picking fees apply:
           Monday - Friday = nil
           Saturday = $10.00
           Sunday = $20.00
           Public Holidays = $30.00

4.  If you are wanting an order for outside of our delivery zones, then we are happy to use Australia Post (provided the items are not perishible or flammable).  
                       - If products fit into a 1kg bag and weigh less than 1kg, postage cost = $14
                       - If products fit into a 3kg bag and weigh less than 3kg, postage cost = $17
                       - If products fit into a 5kg bag and weigh less than 5kg, postage cost = $20

                       - Or any combination of those above
There is a $6.60 (per box delivery) if you live outside town limits (click on "About")

Attention Customers!!!  COVID-19 - Deliveries

From 25/3/2020

  • We will ring you just prior to drop off (We will message if you do not answer)
  • We will leave your delivery on your front verandah/doorstep (or elsewhere if you have noted this when placing your order)
  • The goods are then your responsibility.
  • We cannot guarantee that it will be delivered in the specified times
  • There may be numerous shortages
We are doing our best to meet all our customers needs.

Steve and Greg Marks

Attention Customers!!!  COVID-19 - Deliveries