Apple Rubygold each
$1.05 each (approx.) $5.02 per kg
Figs Dried Loose Kgs
$45.55 per kg
Figs each
$1.75 each (approx.) $35.05 per kg
Grapes Black Kgs
$8.80 per kg
Grapes Green Kgs
$11.43 per kg
Grapes Red Kgs
$7.96 per kg
Grapes Sultana Nat Prepack
$6.18 each
Jc Apricots Dried 500g
$13.53 each $27.06 per kg
Pears Red Sensation Each
$0.73 each (approx.) $3.66 per kg
Two Fruits Cup - fruits may vary depending on season
$3.13 each
Watermelon Cup
$2.08 each
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