Sweet Corn Tray 500g
$8.17 each
Artichokes Globe Each
$9.33 per kg
Artichokes Jerusalem Kgs
$12.27 per kg
Asparagus Baby Bunch
$4.39 each
Asparagus Bunch Each
$7.02 each
Baby Corn Pre-Packed
$5.76 each
Bag Carrots Broken 18kg
$18.90 each $1.05 per kg
Bag Garlic Peeled
$9.12 each
Beans Butter Kg
$20.98 per kg
Beans Green 400g
$7.33 each
Beans Green Kgs
$20.98 per kg
Beans Snake Kgs
$31.48 per kg
Beetroot Baby Cooked 250g
$4.18 each $16.72 per kg
Beetroot Each
$0.85 each (approx.) $3.87 per kg
Beetroot Gold Kgs
$16.47 per kg
Bok Choy Bunch
$2.71 each
Broccoflower Each
$8.28 each
Broccoli Baby Each
$3.87 each
Broccoli Chinese
$3.13 each
Broccoli Kgs
$9.43 per kg
Brussel Sprouts Baby Prepack
$5.13 each $17.10 per kg
Brussel Sprouts Each
$0.28 each (approx.) $7.02 per kg
Butternut Pumpkin Kgs - please state whether whole or 1/​2
$3.03 per kg
Cabbage Drumhead Whole Each
$8.80 each
Cabbage Half Each
$5.34 each
Cabbage Quarter Each
$2.71 each
Cabbage Red Each
$11.43 each
Cabbage Red Half Each
$6.91 each
Cabbage Red Quarter
$3.45 each
Cabbage Savoy Half Each
$6.91 each
Cabbage Savoy Quarter Each
$3.45 each
Cabbage Savoy Whole
$11.43 each
Capsicums Mini Mixed Prepack
$5.76 each $11.52 per kg
Capsicums Trio Prepack
$11.53 each
Carrot Each
$0.34 each (approx.) $2.40 per kg
Carrots 5kg
$7.86 each $1.57 per kg
Carrots Dutch Bunch
$7.02 each
Carrots Dutch Heirloom Bunch
$8.80 each
Carrots Dutch Yellow Bunch
$7.02 each
Carrots Juicing 5kg
$7.86 each $1.57 per kg
Carrots Prepacked Each 1kg
$2.19 each
Carrots Prepacked Each 1kg
$2.19 each
Carrots Snackables 250g
$4.92 each
Carrots Snackables 250g
$4.92 each
Cauliflower Each
$5.55 each
Cauliflower Half Each
$3.03 each
Caulini Prepack
$5.23 each
Celeric Each
$7.75 each
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