Salad Components

Alfalfa Mung Bean Sprouts 125g
$2.82 each
Alfalfa Sprouts Each
$2.82 each
Aussie Salad Mix 100g
$3.13 each $31.30 per kg
Avocado Each
$2.29 each
Baby Spinach 100g
$3.13 each $31.30 per kg
Baby Spinach Kgs
$17.52 per kg
Bean Sprouts Loose Kgs
$4.08 per kg
Box Tomatoes Cherry Truss
$57.00 each
Capsicum Green Each
$1.70 each (approx.) $7.75 per kg
Capsicum Orange Each
$3.15 each (approx.) $17.52 per kg
Capsicum Red Each
Paper Specials
was $11.43 per kg $1.74 each (approx.) $8.29 per kg
Capsicum Yellow Each
$2.74 each (approx.) $11.43 per kg
Cucumber Continental Each
$3.97 each
Cucumber Green Each
$2.08 each
Cucumber Lebanese Each
$1.36 each (approx.) $10.48 per kg
Dryslaw 1kg
$8.80 each
Gourmet Garden Herbs & Spices Garlic Paste Value Pack 120g
$5.97 each $4.97 per 10g
Hi Fresh Coleslaw 500g
$5.97 each $1.20 per 100g
Hi Fresh Kit Kaleslaw Quinoa 350g
$6.81 each $19.45 per kg
Lettuce Baby Cos
$4.18 each
Lettuce Dolce Cos Single
$2.61 each
Lettuce Hydro Duets Each
$4.81 each
Lettuce Iceburg Each
was $3.87 $2.49 each
Lettuce Midi Cos Large Single
$2.82 each
Lettuce Radicchio
$8.80 each
Lettuce Radicchio
$8.80 each
Lettuce Red Elk Pun
$12.06 each
Onions Red 2kg
$7.02 each $3.52 per kg
Pea Shoots/​Sprouts Prepack
$3.87 each
Qukes (​Baby Cucumber) Prepack
$4.18 each
Radish Daikon ( White) Each
$1.80 each (approx.) $4.39 per kg
Radish Snackables 200g
$7.96 each
Radish White Bunch
$4.39 each
Rocket Leaves Kgs
$23.40 per kg
Salad Mix Baby Cos Kgs
$11.53 per kg
Salad Mix Kgs
$17.52 per kg
Salad Mix Pre Pack 100g
$3.13 each $31.30 per kg
Salad Mix Snowpea Tendrils Kgs
$17.31 per kg
Simply Tasty Salad Gourmet Potato 300g
$5.23 each $13.08 per kg
Snowpea Shoots Loose Kg
$17.52 per kg
Snowpea Tendrils Kgs
$23.40 per kg
Sorrel Bunch each
$11.43 each
Sorrel Prepack
$11.43 each
Spring Onions Bunch
$2.71 each
Sprouts Snow Pea 100g
$3.87 each
Tomato Each
$1.68 each (approx.) $10.48 per kg
Tomato Kumato Each
$1.89 each (approx.) $20.98 per kg
Tomato Roma Each
$1.26 each (approx.) $10.48 per kg
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