Fruit & Vegetables

Bag Onions Peeled 10kg
$34.00 each $3.40 per kg
Bag Onions Sliced
$30.00 each
Bag Onions Spring
$24.00 each
Bag Potatoes Desiree 20kgs
$70.50 each
Bag Potatoes Large 20kgs
$45.00 each
Bag Potatoes Peeled 10kgs
$33.00 each
Bag Potatoes Red Peeled
$23.10 each
Bag Pumpkin Peeled 5kgs
$30.00 each
Bag Radish Daikon White
$48.00 each
Banana Each
Paper Specials
$1.13 each (approx.) $4.92 per kg
Banana Red Tip Each
$2.11 each (approx.) $8.80 per kg
Banana Sugar Each
$2.22 each (approx.) $13.11 per kg
Basil Bunch
$4.39 each
Basil Fresh Cut Herbs 20g
$3.87 each
Basil Thai Bunch
$5.23 each
Bean Shoots 1kg
$5.23 each
Bean Sprouts Loose Kgs
$4.08 per kg
Beans Green Kgs
$14.89 per kg
Beanshoots 250g
$2.82 each
Beetroot Baby Cooked 250gm
$4.18 each $16.72 per kg
Beetroot Baby Yellow Bunch
$7.75 each
Beetroot Each
$0.78 each (approx.) $3.55 per kg
Bg Tin Window Sill Herbs
$3.13 per kg
Blackberries Punnet 125gm
$6.70 each
Blueberries Punnet
$7.54 each
Blueberries Punnet
$7.54 each
Bok Choy Bunch
$2.61 each
Box Apples Granny Smith
$57.00 each
Box Apples Pink Lady
$63.00 each
Box Apricots
$85.50 each
Box Asparagus Baby
$145.50 each
Box Baby Spinach 1.​5kgs
$25.50 each $17.00 per kg
Box Bananas
$57.00 each
Box Bean Sprouts/​Shoots
$13.50 each
Box Beans
$130.50 each
Box Bok Choy
$36.75 each
Box Broccoli
$63.00 each
Box Broccoli Baby
$52.50 each
Box Cantaloupe
$61.50 each
Box Capsicum Green
$81.00 each
Box Capsicum Green Seconds
$58.50 each
Box Capsicum Red
$100.50 each
Box Capsicums Red Seconds
$73.50 each
Box Carrots
$42.00 each
Box Carrots Dutch
$37.50 each
Box Carrots Large 20kg
$45.00 each $2.25 per kg
Box Cauliflowers
$75.00 each
Box Celery
$36.00 each
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